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About Me

After finished Faculty of Law and years spent above the book, I realized that the Laws and regulations are not for me…Unfortunately, that came relatively late, but not too late.

At the beginning, it all started as hobby. I was playing with the Photoshop trying to create the imaginary website graphic.  With a lot of effort, mistakes and helps by many tutorials on the Youtube, the first website saw the light of the day. I think that there is no web designer that would brag with it, but that did not prevent me from keep trying.

As my design ability got better, my wish for developing and learning was growing. If I can make the website design, then why I would not try to put it on the internet? HTML, CSS, PHP, all this was unknown for me. Step by step, the pictures and texts from Photoshop started to revive on my desktop.

I realized that website design is not that simple, and that I cannot deal with graphic, front-end and back-end in the same time. I did not want to be average in everything, I wanted to me the best in one domain.

The turning point in my career was the WordPress. The WordPress was offering exactly what I needed in that time – quality back end (it does not have any connection with tennis). I liked the  WordPress from the first day. At first, I used the free Theme, but later on I started to create my own. I kept that trend until today. I have raised my lever to the Php, and with the help of start Theme Underscore S, I have been creating the templates that suited my needs. I have never used Child Theme, it was limiting to me and I hated to process other codes.

Later, the JQuery, Javascript, Gulp, NPM came… In the past few years, I have crossed a huge path – full of ups and downs. Ups motivated me, and downs made me going further. I do not think that I know it all, I know that it is a long way to go and I need to learn more, but I also know that I am extremely persistent and that I will succeed.

Today I have great knowledge in web design. I’m creating web pages from start, bringing in all my knowledge and experience. I offer fair relationship, high quality and best prices.

For every advice and question, please contact me via contact form.

Aleksandar Bajic